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Reaching Out to Disadvantaged Youth

in Baltimore and West Philadelphia


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Welcome to TenderBridge.org!

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The Tender Bridge is an organization serving children through partnerships with existing community programs. The majority of these programs are focused in sports. Sports can develop leadership skills, increase confidence and physical activity. The Tender Bridge provides at-risk children with the knowledge of these programs, and gives them the financial, logistical and emotional support to attend them.

The Tender Bridge is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization founded in 2003 to serve at-risk youth in inner-city Baltimore. Starting in 2007 we have created a new chapter in Philadelphia.

Our vision is for every child in the community to stay drug free, out of the legal system, and excel in school.
Our mission is to provide guidance and the emotional support of caring adults that is often unavailable in their homes.

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